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#15 GST-Rider: Emma O.

Dear GST, please find the receipt to BUND and a photograph attached (don’t worry, I won’t ride that bike). Why do I want to ride the Grenzsteintrophy? I spent quite a bit of time in Germany…

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GST Dokumentation 09, 10, 11, 12

Folgende Personen haben die Herausforderung GST bereits gemeistert: 2012: Hier geht es zum online-Tracking 2012 Achim Dickmanns DNF Aidan Harding (GB) 23.06.12 12:15 (Singlespeed) Andre Girgner DNF Andreas „Eispickel“ 23.06.12 17:23:00 (Bilder) Andy Waterman (GB) 23.06.12…

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Grenzsteintrophy | GST

The GST is a self-supported bikepacking event along the former inner German border. The next edition will start on 15 June in Berlin, where the Berlin Wall Trail will be used as a “prologue”. The…

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