„Grenzsteintrophy“ – Germany’s Mountainbike Boundary Experience

The „Grenzsteintrophy“ (Boundary Stone Trophy) will offer Europe’s first mountain bike self support ride over a distance of approx. 1,300 kms (800 miles). Starting June 24th 2009, the GST will take off-road bikers along the former border that divided the former two German states FDR and GDR – 20 years after the frontier’s fall.

Where the front line of the Cold War used to be, Germany’s longest green corridor is now flourishing. Its topography and course promise a very diversified mountain bike tour“, GST initiator Gunnar Fehlau states. “You don’t have to cross Alaska on your bike to get the ultimate nature challenge!“ he adds. According to Fehlau, the GST will offer the experience of a self support ride for the first time in Europe and thus present “an antipode to sports mass events with all their negative side effects like pollution, doping and commerce.“

The GST follows the former border between the two Germanys – 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. “We’re riding on soil steeped in history“, Fehlau says. “On that account we’re not only providing a highly demanding physical task but also a political and historical memorial ride.“

The Grenzsteintrophy is neither a race nor a bicycle tour. In fact, it is a conjointly starting but individually accomplished and athletically demanding mountain bike ride of approx. 1,300 kilometres (800 miles). Fehlau counts on avid participants to ride from the shore of the Baltic Sea near Lübeck to Mittelhammer in the region of Vogtland within seven days. There will be no time limit in which the participants have to finish.

As role models for GST Fehlau claims the world’s longest mountain bike rides: Great Divide Race and Tour Divide, leading 4,360 km (2,709 miles) from Banff, Alberta (Canada) to Antelope Wells, New Mexico (U.S.A.).

Hence the rules of the GST read rather archaic: no starting fees, no prize money, no service, no time control and no organization along the route. Riders have to supply and resupply themselves. All gear or victuals are to be carried either on the bike or bought along the way. Any kind of prearranged services or use of private assistance is strictly forbidden. All guiding means have to be equally available to all starters. Riding in company of other participators is permitted, whereas the sharing of supplies and equipment is prohibited. It is the goal of this event to challenge the individual rider and not a support crew.

There will be no monitoring of the riders, only a call in number. “We won’t have ranking or prizes – except of course for the feeling of having honorably mastered an extraordinary task. So cheaters only deceive themselves“, Fehlau explains.

For more information or enrolling to this adventure please visit www.grenzsteintrophy.de. For participation, a letter of intent and/or standing at the starting line will be accepted.

Here you got a link giving a first impression where the GST is taking place (detailed map/track will be published mid April).

Check the Link bar “Links | Grenzfotos” on the right for detailed photos!


Grenzsteintrophy-administrative office

e: info [at] grenzsteintrophy [dot] de

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