GST weckt Erinnerungen

Great Mail from the U.S.A.:

I grew up in der BRD, and went to a German Boarding School CJD, and we did exactly what you are doing back in 1985/6…except that we did not race but we went every other weekend and rode 150-200KM and saw great places along the „Grenze“ and heard stories that will stay w/me forever! Then the final leg we went to West Berlin and rode the entire Wall and visited other great places, such as, Checkpoint Charlie and the Bradenburger Tor…man I have not thought about that experience for a while…thanx for bringing back the memories…whish I could come and race, but $$$ is a problem…Allles Gute und trinkt eine Hefeweizen fuer mich “

That’s sad, but sell one of your bikes/cars and book a flight in order to take part! It definitely is worth some sacrifice!

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